Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Masked Face in the Sky

I haven't posted a cloud painting for a long time, so I thought I would do so today.  Since Halloween is coming soon, I thought a masked sky person would be just the perfect thing.  This is a painting from a few years back, which I have never posted before.  I love the look gentle look of her eyes--it seems like she might want to say something wonderful. 

Above you see my original photograph.  This was taken in the skies over the fence along the alley outside my kitchen door.

Have a lovely day, everyone--I sure am looking forward to the coming storm.  It shouldn't be too bad.  And I love a good storm.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Soccer Practice -Paint Party Friday

I have posted this acrylic painting before, but it was quite awhile ago and it was so colorful and cheery I couldn't resist sharing it with you again. The players are all on their backs, passing the soccer ball to one another in the air.  The combination of colorful socks, action and that soccer ball, make for a fun view.  It is also interesting to figure out which legs belong together.  This painting is the size of a small window--at least four feet across. 

My inspiration is a wonderful photograph taken years ago, by my younger brother Mark, who is a photojournalist from The Dalles, located in Oregon's scenic Columbia Gorge.

I've watched him taking pictures at a crowded event.  My brother seems to blend in, moving like a soft footed lion, quietly speaking with the folks he photographs.  He's a gentle giant. I'm very proud of him--his photos are pure magic.

Here is a peek into my sketchbook.  Another likeness of my sweet Friend Melissa.  She is such a dear.  I especially liked how the border came out.  I love drawing borders--to figure out what would look best is so much fun.  For me, adding a border is like frosting on the cake.

Above you can see my reference photo.  This is Emily and Melissa--two wonderful young ladies I am pleased and honored to call friends. 

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hope of Sunrise -Paint Party Thursday

I always try to put in two pieces, one I've finished and another graphite drawing from my sketchbook.  Please take a look at both, as they are quite different.

In my experience some folks don't quite know how to react when the loss of a loved one is brought into the spotlight.  So, I have featured this first painting which has a sad feeling (but with hope!)--and the sketch below, which is a bit more light-hearted and whimsical.  ((hugs))

In explanation, I have been feeling sad the past two days.  I couldn't figure out why, until I realized this is right about the time Dad had the stroke which took him from us a month later.  I will likely grieve his loss in our lives for the rest of mine.  We all will. 

This is an acrylic painting I made for my Mom right after Daddy died.  It is really really big--and I had to photograph it.  The photograph doesn't do the original painting justice, as the colors are more neon than the original.  Still--it conveys the weeping heart of the dear Shepherd, Whom Mumsie loves.

I spent hours and hours writing out every Bible verse I could find about hope and comfort onto the canvas.  Even if your beliefs are different than mine--hope is universal.  Blessings and hope to each of you.

And now the more light-hearted, whimsical side, here is another peek into my sketchbook.  Above is a little faery playing a morning melody. She marched out of my pencil yesterday as the workers pounded, thudded, thwacked and sawed a tumult of noise, as they worked on the chimney!

PS  I just found out I've been featured on Paint Party Friday!  What an honor--thank you!

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Unexpected Surprise -Guest Heart Thursday

I am a bit late posting for GHT because of all the activity here as our chimney and fireplace is being replaced.  I did this graphite drawing especially for Guest Heart Thursday--a little Unexpected Surprise!

Of course, I've hidden hearts in this drawing.  Have a lovely day, and Happy Guest Thursday!  

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Painting Roses -Paint Party Friday

This is a combination of colored pencils and watercolor.  I painted this for a friend of mine as a gift.  There's something about this piece I just love--the idea of this little fairy girl painting roses in summer delights my heart. I'm sure I've seen this sweet fae out in my garden in the early morning hours, as the dew was drying in the summer sunshine.

Here is another peek into my sketchbook--this one is called Daisy Dinner.  The drawing makes me smile because of the look on that fella's face...he's obviously really going to enjoy eating that daisy!

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Happy Paint Party Friday!  I'm also linking up with Friday Sketches!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Brave and True

This is a tee shirt I painted awhile back.  I love the look in his strong gentle face.  Lions are special to me.  My favorite lion of all time is Aslan.  This fellow kind of reminds me of him.

Have a lovely day, Friends.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Celebration of Life

When we heard of the accident, my husband and I began to pray.  This is the drawing which flowed from my breaking heart and out of my pencil.  Daniel's grandparents are our best friends--they, their children and grandchildren are an integral part of our own family.

Daniel's Celebration of Life yesterday afternoon was beautiful. Especially touching were the cub scouts who were an wonderful part of the service.  I loved when we all did the wave...the message to live life to the max was poignant and inspiring...  Because of this small boy's sacrifice, four people were given life.  This is a comfort to us all.

I sat next to a boy who was just about Daniel's age. There were so many folks attending, we were seated in the foyer area, where it was tough to see. After they asked us to stand, join hands and pray, this little fellow glanced up with a shy smile. I was holding Daniel's picture in my hands, and I noticed the boy's gaze, so I kept it where he could see it. When the service was done, I turned to him and asked if he was one of Daniel's buddies. He gave that smile again and said yes. I grinned and said, "I'm so happy to meet you." And we shook hands. I felt that tiny moment cheered his young heart a bit--and his Daddy sitting next to him. So many beautiful moments. 

Afterward, everyone gathered in the Gym at the Elementary School. A choir of children sang so beautifully. There was food and banana splits available. There were quilt squares and markers so everyone could make a personal note or picture on them. There were legos at every table, children and adults busy creating. Crayons and big pieces of paper were in the center of all the tables, balloons floating overhead.
There truly was a spirit of joy there.

Daniel's family has been our family for over 20 years.  Our hearts break for them...They are beautiful and wonderful down-home folks.  Our prayers and love are with them always.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Purple Moon -Paint Party Friday

I painted this large acrylic on a large canvas in 2010 to honor the life of a dear little friend. Crickette's extraordinary story can be found at Angel Stories.  Her face is hidden in this painting--can you find her?

We still miss our small mischievous Crickette'. 

Above is another peek into my sketchbook.  I found a wonderful photo of a cat yawning--it so hit my funny bone, this sketch popped out of my pencil.  Bwaahahahahaa...Dragon Breath!  I am sure Crickette' would have smiled to see this one.

Have a lovely day, sweet Friends!  Happy Paint Party Friday!

I've also submitted a link to Feline Art Friday--today's blog seemed perfect, as it is all about our furry friends.  Happy Feline Friday!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

To Love -Guest Heart Thursday

Here is another of my drawings on toned sketch paper.  Of course, there is a heart to be found in this drawing.

The title of this piece is to honor and thank those in my life, who's love, prayers and dear friendship have surrounded me all these years.  You know who you are.  

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Guest Heart Thursday!  

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Her Green Eyes -Paint Party Friday

I love to draw my young friend Melissa.  This is a colored pencil drawing I did a few years ago.  It is one of my favorites.  I am very blessed to have such a lovely model.  I have posted this piece before, but since this is one of my all-time favorites, I thought I'd post her again.

Here is a peek into my sketchbook, as I drew her for the first time. 

I am also very honored to be this week's featured artist for AlteredPages Artsociates.  What a lovely privilege!  When you get the chance, check out this great website.  I was inspired by all the ideas they share.


Have a lovely day, sweet Friends and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Whispers -Paint Party Friday

If you have been a follower of my art blog, you will likely recognize this lovely girl's face.  I've known Melissa since she was a tiny girl.  We have been pals for most of her life.  She and her family often model for me, so her face shows up a lot in my artwork.  She is not only beautiful, but her heart is dear, sweet and good.

My children gave me a sketchbook with toned paper last Christmas.  I have had so much fun with it!  To create the drawing above, I used white and black Prismacolor pencils.  It is a whole new way of thinking through a drawing!

Now a peek into my sketchbook.  Here is a pen and ink drawing of my darling little niece and her special little friends.  Of course, there may be a hidden critter or two, in the foliage!

Have a lovely day and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

River Rock Painting

One lazy summer afternoon, after gathering rocks down at the river, my darling little 7-year old niece and I decided to paint them.  We used acrylics, which worked very well.  She painted some pretty neat patterned rocks for her Mom, and I painted this one for my husband.

He loved it!  I was tickled when he asked if I could paint a little cat in the meadow. I did--can  you find her?

Above is a hint as to where the tiny kitten can be found.

Oh, I think I'm going to paint some more rocks--that was SO much fun!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fragrance of Roses -Paint Party Friday

This is a colored pencil drawing I made for Valentine's Day this past February.  I believe I've posted this one in the past, but this morning, looking out my window at the vibrant roses of Fall, I decided to post her again.  My inspiration was a vintage postcard from early 1900's.  This beautiful woman is the grown up version of the little girl I love to draw.

Here is a peek into my sketchbook from 2011.  This is the little girl I wrote about above. You can find her image all over the internet.  I often wonder who she was, but all records of her family were destroyed in WW2.   I don't know how I ended up with my drawing backward--I seem to remember printing a reference picture to take on a trip with me, so likely I printed it flipped somehow.  Drawing does help the miles go by faster!

Here is the actual postcard which inspired me--perhaps you recognize her dear little face.  My own beloved niece looks nearly identical to this sweet girl.  Perhaps that is why I love these postcards so much.

Have a lovely day and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bev's Peacock -Paint Party Friday

This is a peacock commissioned by a dear friend of mine, hence the title, Bev's Peacock. I finished this colored pencil drawing a couple of weeks ago, and brought it to her just a few days ago.  I am delighted to say that she loved it.

Above you see my reference picture.  This is a beautiful table cloth hand embroidered by Bev's Mom, our beloved Grandma Gladys.  It is a privilege to be a part of the family, and to partner with Grandma to give dear Bev--my adopted older sister--something she loves so much.
Here is a peek into my sketchbook from long ago.  I created this abstract graphite drawing when I was just 18 years old. 

Have a lovely day and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sisters -Guest Heart Thursday

Here is another graphite drawing from my sketchbook.  Of course, there are hearts around the neckline of one of these sisters.  I thought this to be perfect for today's Guest Heart Thursday.

Above you see my lovely models--and yes, they are sisters! 

Have a lovely day and Happy Guest Heart Thursday! For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Marry Me -Paint Party Friday

This was a wedding gift for a dear friend of mine.  I am SO happy for Janet and her dear love Wayne.  The best is yet to come.  I've been married for over 30 years.  My husband and I have had such a great adventure--and the adventure continues. 

Above you see my reference photo.  What fun to work with these two.  They are such precious young people. 

The graphite drawing above is from my sketchbook some years back.  I was inspired by a postcard of a girl who's father was a photographer in the early 1900's.  He took many pictures of his family, and put them onto postcards.  My favorite photos are of his little girl.  She had such an amazing camera presence.  This is one of the rare pictures of her as a grown woman.  Sadly, in WW2, all of the negatives and information about the photographer and who he might have been were destroyed.  I just love this girl's face. 

Have a lovely day and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Heather's Pearls -Paint Party Friday

It was a surprise when I ended up with a redhead wearing pink pearls.  Sometimes my artwork has a mind of its own.  In this case, that's exactly what happened. 

And here is my lovely model Heather!  She has such a beautiful profile.  I'm so grateful to this wonderful young woman and her friends.  Their ideas and friendship inspire me to be a better artist and photographer.

Here is yet another doodle from my sketchbook.  It is called The point of Her Sword. 

Above you see my beautiful and expressive young friend Rena.  Eventually the sword in the drawing will be adorned by the reflection of her face.  I haven't quite figured out how to do it yet! 

Have a lovely day and Happy Paint Party Friday!